Consultancy & Services

Besides our highly optimised seeds, JatroSolutions offers consulting services: Thus, no matter if you are a newcomer or an expert on Jatropha, we are able to provide you with all required knowledge and services about Jatropha.
Our customers benefit from our global network, hands-on experience and know-how in developing and supporting Jatropha projects with services such as feasibility and economic studies as well as guidance in agronomic management and processing of Jatropha.
Based on our economic and agronomic expertise, our services can even extend to individual guidance in establishing your Jatropha project in the field. Below you find a list of our offered services.

Consultancy & Services before Cultivation of Jatropha

Location Suitability

Analysis and evaluation of soil- and climate data - the crucial factors for the rentability of a Jatropha project.

Feasibility Studies

Before starting a Jatropha project, feasibility has to be demonstrated. Based on our customers’ requirements, basic & comprehensive feasibility studies include aspects such as organisational efforts for implementation, technical and economic feasibility, access to resources and their availability (e.g. land, time, machines or labor force) as well as timely execution and legal implementation of Jatropha projects.

Business Cases

Cost-benefit-analysis for economic evaluation of a production plan for farmers or oil mill operators.

Investment Analysis

For interested investors, JatroSolutions also offers a detailed investment analysis including all occuring costs and expected revenues of a Jatropha plantation. This investment analysis provides investors an excellent basis for decision-making.

Technical Consultancy & Services

Installation & Implementation of a Nursery

Buying highly optimised Jatropha seedlings from JatroSolutions facilitates the establishment of a Jatropha plantation. It increases harvest and saves labor costs at the beginning of the project.

Cultivation Manual

Our cultivation manual provides customers with all information about planting, agricultural management, harvesting processes and post-harvest management of Jatropha.

Processing Manual

Our processing manual provides customers with all information about how to process Jatropha seeds to produce oil, soap or other products of the value chain.

Workshops (on-site)

On-site workshops about nursery, agronomic management, post-harvesting management and processing are accompanied by our Jatropha experts.

Fee-based Consulting Services

Individual consulting services related to all upcoming questions of Jatropha production: No matter if our customers face difficulties within the cultivation period or they only ask for suggestions of how to maximize their harvest at the end of the season, our Jatropha experts' advise farmers with best consulting services.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring of existing Jatropha projects (plantation and processing) as well as final evaluation of these projects.

Farm & Project

Optimal planning and timing, controlling as well as improvements are crucial factors for the success of large-scale Jatropha projects. Our team provides support in plantation establishment, development and management of commercial Jatropha projects as well as support in financial aspects.

Additional Consultancy & Services

Research Studies

Our team offers a broad experience in research. We participate on studies or carry out commissioned studies related to Jatropha.

Jatropha related Analyses

JatroSolutions offers specific analyses (phorbol esters, oil content, crude protein, fatty acids) related to Jatropha or soil quality (pH, humidity, Nmin, Ntotal, P, K, Mg, Salt content, particle size or Corg) for Jatropha cultivation. These analyses are done by our team or in cooperation with accredited laboratories.

 Depending on the needs of our customers, all services can be tailored in individual packages!


If you would like to receive further information or customized consultancy packages, please find more details on the following pages or CONTACT us!


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