Chuta® Value Chain

Chuta® nuts are free of phorbol esters and therefore edible. Focusing on a high protein and mineral content, they are particularly suitable for food production. During processing, the basic steps include the de-husking of fruits, the drying of nuts (in shell), and the de-shelling of the nuts. Processing residues can be reused for several high value products.

Picture: JatroSolutions, all rights reserved

JatroSolutions puts its main focus on developing a sustainable value chain for Chuta® kernels. Chuta’s® unique taste and its healthy features open a big range of different utilisation opportunities, in which we are doing research. The kernels can be used in a wide variety of products like:


  • Low carb snacks rich in protein
  • As an ingredient to prepare different dishes
  • Use of the de-fatted kernel meal as
    a dietary supplement
  • Use as a healthy salad oil, rich in
    unsaturated fatty acids
  • Use as a raw material for cosmetic production
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