About Chuta®

Chuta® is a registered trademark of JatroSolutions denoting the nuts of edible Jatropha curcas cultivars. Because of its high nutrional value, Chuta® cultivation and production was included in our breeding programme and our business model. Since then, JatroSolutions has analysed, characterised and improved edible Jatropha cultivars through several years and developed a sustainable value chain for Chuta® production. Just as our non-edible Jatropha cultivars, the EdibleNut planting material (from which Chuta® is grown) allows easy-care of the plantation and provides many agronomic advantages:

  • High yield stability
  • Concentrated harvest period
  • Reduced plant size for easy harvest
  • Adapted to diverse environments

Completely lacking phorbol esters, Chuta® is suitable for sustainable production of food. Chuta® kernels contain 50-60% oil and 25-30% protein representing a good basis for valuable products in the food industry. Especially the protein-rich kernels offer a great component for athletes, vegetarians and vegans and a valuable supplement for regions with nutritional deficiencies. Chuta’s® features have a positive effect on health:


  • High protein - low carb
  • High in minerals
  • Favourable fatty acid composition
  • Favourable amino acid composition
  • No nut allergenes have been found

The registration process of Chuta® through the Novel Food European Regulation has been done. The EU commission has published the Novel Food approval for the kernels of the Chuta® nuts on June 2022. The Novel Food approval is available through the link of the offical journal of the EU

For further information please find more details on our NEW website:


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